RSK European Tour

Starting at January 21 for a couple of weeks, I had a fantastic the experience with Gabriel Kurman of traveling on the “RSK European Tour”, attending events and meetups in London, Kiev, Moscow, Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Bordeaux and Paris.

We had the chance to present RSK and talk about the Internet of Value, our platform’s present and future. Gabriel told me, when I joined the team, about the good vibe and karma that the project has on the community. This is absolutely true, and is inspiring. Almost everyone agree that this is the path to make blockchain technologies mainstream. Together we will enable financial inclusion and new governance models, improving the life of millions.

Now, moved to Barcelona, I want to thanks everybody that helps making RSK visible to every community. As promised, here you can find the presentation and few links/information on different programs that we are running.


Ambassador program:

Do you want to be part of the next technology revolution?

Join the most powerful Blockchain community and become an industry leader.

Join us at:


Bounty program:

For security experts, software developers and hackers who dedicate time and effort to improve the RSK platform.

Submit your findings and earn rewards!



Technical Resources:

Do you want to start training yourself?

Start with this resources:



RSK educate is our global initiative to provide students and educators with the resources needed to accelerate blockchain-related learning endeavors.

Are you an academy interested in offering the courses or are you an individual interested in taking the course?

More info:



Blockchain4Humanity is a not for profit, social accelerator foundation.

More info:


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Hello RSK

2018 came with great news! I’m moving to Barcelona, Spain to become part of a great team at RSK Labs helping every developer and company to change people’s life through Blockchain Technology to build the Internet of Value. RSK Labs founded in Latin America, enables smart contracts on Bitcoin network, fully compatible with Ethereum. I’m honored and happy for the warm welcome and support! 

RSK is the first open-source smart contract platform with a 2-way peg to Bitcoin that also rewards the Bitcoin miners via merge-mining, allowing them to actively participate in the Smart Contract revolution. RSK goal is to add value and functionality to the Bitcoin ecosystem by enabling smart-contracts, near instant payments and higher-scalability.


¡2018 llegó con buenas noticias! Me estoy mudando a Barcelona, ​​España para formar parte de un gran equipo en RSK Labs que ayuda a cada desarrollador y compañía a cambiar la vida de las personas a través de la tecnología Blockchain para construir Internet of Value (internet del valor). RSK Labs, fundada en Latinoamérica, habilita contratos inteligentes en la red Bitcoin, totalmente compatible con Ethereum. ¡Me siento honrado y feliz por la cálida bienvenida y el apoyo!

RSK es la primera plataforma de contrato inteligente de código abierto con una vinculación bidireccional a Bitcoin que también recompensa a los mineros de Bitcoin a través de merge-mining, lo que les permite sumarse a la revolución de los Smart Contracts. El objetivo de RSK es agregar valor y funcionalidad al ecosistema de Bitcoin al permitir contratos inteligentes, pagos casi instantáneos y mayor escalabilidad.

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Azure Gratis con Dreamspark


Manual para activar Microsoft Azure con el programa Microsoft Dreamspark


1. Activar cuenta de Microsoft Dremspark

2. Activar servicio de Microsoft Azure

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Como empezar a desarrollar para la nube con MSDN


Vamos a ver paso a paso como descargarse las herramientas desarrollo para usar Azure, y comenzar tus proyectos en la nube.

Si no tenes una maquina tan potente para utilizar las herramientas, seguí los pasos y desarrolla desde la nube.

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Instalar SDK de Azure para .NET


Para desarrollar para la nube en .NET, necesitamos instalar el SDK de Azure.

Este es compatible con Visual Studio 2012 y 2013 en todas sus ediciones (express, pro, premium, ultimate).

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Crea tu ambiente de desarrollo en la nube


Muchas veces tenemos problemas de hardware que nos impiden utilizar las ultimas versiones de un software. En este paso a paso te voy a mostrar como levantar un ambiente de desarrollo donde puedas utilizar Visual Studio 2013 (o cualquiera) en un par de clicks, y sin necesidad de muchos procesadores Sonrisa

Todo esto lo vamos a hacer utilizando una maquina virtual en Azure.

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Windows 10 Technical Preview–Error 0x80246018


Windows 10 Technical Preview nos permite acceder a compilaciones tempranas del sistema operativo.

Como millones de personas, instale el preview en mi compu (build 9841). Hace unos días se libero el build 9860, y cuando fui a actualizar mi maquina, la actualización me arrojaba un error:

Preview Build failed to download 0x80246018

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Construi un YouTube usando ASP.NET MVC y Azure Media Services

Windows Azure has introduced a nice set of services on top of the Azure platform. These include the Mobile Services, the Service Bus, Media Services among a host of others.

Media Services primarily offers on demand streaming, variable bit rate or smooth streaming, encoding to various formats including smooth streaming and storage capabilities. Under, but under the covers, it uses Azure App Fabric for compute and Blob Storage for hosting data. Thus it’s a Platform as a Service(PaaS) offering additional capabilities over infrastructure provided Azure.

Today we’ll see how to leverage Media Services to build an ASP.NET MVC application that allows users to upload and encode their videos in a Web Portal and playback the content on demand.

The Application Architecture


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Como copiar un VHD


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Sacar autocorrector de texto en Windows Phone 8

1. Acceder a la configuración del dispositivo. Desde la lista de aplicaciones, buscar “Configuración”.

Windows Phone, autocorrect, text, message

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I'm Ale Banzas, Computer Science Engineer, developer, biker, diver, former Technical Evangelist in the Innovation and New Technologies team in Microsoft Argentina, Chile y Uruguay; now Global Community Coordinator in RSK Smart Contracts.

My main goal is to help every developer and organization becoming experts in new technologies in order to change the world positively.

You can find me in Barcelona, Spain; or in:
Twitter (@AleBanzas)
GitHub (/AleBanzas)
LinkedIn (/in/AleBanzas).
Facebook (/AleBanzas)
Instagram (/AleBanzas)